Isaac Carree feat. James Fortune – But God (Song, Lyrics and mp3 download)

For more info on this artist: Download Isaac Carree feat. James Fortune – But God: Isaac Carree feat. James Fortune – But God (Lyrics): you know people have no idea what you went through to get to where you are. So many times it seemed like it was over, but God. Isaac Carree, tell em

Kirk Franklin Fearless Tour Dates

Kirk Franklin’s nationwide “Fearless Tour” will visit fifteen states in four weeks. Special Guests will include Isaac Carree, BET Sunday Best Winner Amber Bullock and Verity Recording Artists Deon Kipping and Jason Nelson. The Fearless Tour will be sponsored in part by The American Heart Association. The tour starts November 1, 2011 (see full listing

Isaac Carree – In The Middle (Video, Lyrics, and mp3)

Tears rolling down your face If your heart feelin’ like it’s gon’ break If your earth feels like it’s ’bout to shake If you’ve taken all that you can take Just remember where your help comes from Realize you got somewhere to run Don’t worry ’bout what you’re going through Instead of worrying, here’s what